About LMC

Life Ministry Church is a vibrant church community focused on Living and Ministering Christ!

We have over 60 years of history as a church involved in the community and impacting lives with the Gospel message of Christ. It is rich in history and achievement. It is a place of future and hope. It is founded on the solid rock of Christ and uncompromised teaching and preaching of God’s Word. Most of all it is a community of people – people of all ages and backgrounds – who believe that God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Life Ministry Centre / Life Ministry Church

On the 9th November 1958, the first meeting of what was to become Life Ministry Centre took place at the Loyal Orange Lodge in Wattle Park. Within two years the group moved to the YWCA buildings in Russell Street, Melbourne Central. Hal Oxley was appointed as Pastor in 1962 and became full-time Pastor in 1967.


In 1969 the Assembly moved to Cotham Road, Kew.

In 1972 LMBC – LMC’s teaching and training live-in Bible college – was formalised. The College began at Merricks but moved quickly to the new Assembly premises in Oban Road, Ringwood then moved to Dixon’s Creek, to Olinda, and finally to Old Melbourne Road, Chirnside Park. Students came and were sent out to places such as Nagaland, India, China, Japan, Kenya, the Philippines, Indonesia, PNG, New Zealand, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Hungary.

The Assembly moved to Oban Road, Ringwood, in 1973, and then to Nunawading High School for two years whilst building a new centre at 331 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood.

In 1979 LMC purchased the seventy acres of land in Old Melbourne Road Chirnside Park that we now call home. 1979 saw a new ministry arm of LMC commence with the establishment of Life Christian Academy in Warranwood with eighty students and six teachers and Mr Dale Kent as Principal. By 1983, the Academy moved to its permanent home-site in Chirnside Park. David Odd was the next Principal in 1985, and in 1987 LCA became Oxley College. In 1992, Mrs Sally Broadley took over the Principal’s position. After 25 years of dedicated service, Sally Broadley retired. In her family’s honour, the 2011 Performing Arts Centre was named the Broadley Performing Arts Centre. Dr Douglas Peck is the current Principal at Oxley Christian College. The school’s impact has been one of Life Ministry Centre’s primary mission fields and has seen great success.

In 1989 Pastor Hal Oxley retired as Senior Pastor of LMC after 31 years of leading the assembly, and Pastor Delton Gordon took on the role as Senior Pastor.  Pastor Oxley’s vision was to bring the best possible ministry to the assembly and the body of Christ. Because of this we have had the privilege of having visiting ministries both international and national men and women who have greatly impacted our church over the years.

More than 23 outreaches and churches were established, and sent out from LMC.  Some have merged, others have closed down and some remain strong. Members of Life Ministry Centre have served in missions, and ministered, throughout the Asia Pacific region, India and the sub-continent, Africa, Europe, and China, Russia and the United States of America. We have also been blessed with outstanding leadership, men such as Pastors Hal Oxley, Delton Gordon, Ian Richardson and Graham Nelson as Senior Pastors. We thank God for the devotion of these men.

In 1998 Pastor Graham Nelson was appointed as Senior Pastor and Pastor Oxley’s original vision continued to be developed with the continued growth of Oxley Christian College and new ministry arms – Oxley Stadium, and Oxley Kids.  In 2008 Oxley Stadium became operational with the aim of bringing the community on to our property.  Thousands from our community drive in and out of our property weekly.

In 2013 the name Life Ministry Church was formally registered. The name ‘Life Ministry Centre’ now referring to the over arching organisation, which includes Life Ministry Church, Oxley Christian College, Oxley Stadium and Oxley Kids.

Late 2019, Pastor Graham announced Pastor Andrew Hunt to be the Lead Pastor of LMC. Graham still remains the Senior Pastor and Managing Director of Life Ministry Centre.

We look ahead to the future as we embrace all God has for us in the years to come!