Pastor Graham and Kris Nelson have been a part of the Life Ministry Church family for over 45 years, and have served in many aspects of church life over that time. Graham is the current Senior Pastor of LMC, Chairman of Elders, and Chairman of Oxley Christian College (a K-12 co-educational Christian College), also overseeing the operations of Oxley Kids Early Learning Centre and Oxley Stadium.

Graham was raised in a Christian family and trained as a Marine Engineer. He worked in this area for some time before entering Bible College to complete his Diploma of Ministry. After Bible College, Graham and his wife Kris fulfilled many lay functions within the church, whilst running a number of successful businesses. In 1982 they moved onto the full time ministry team at Life Ministry Centre, under Pastor Hal Oxley, where Graham has ministered as one of the ministry team for the past 38 years.

During this time, Graham played an integral part in establishing the beautiful 70 acre property in Chirnside Park. Graham has overseen the building of the church auditorium, Oxley Stadium, Oxley Kids Early Learning Centre, the Broadley Performing Arts Centre, and many other Oxley Christian College facilities. The property continues to grow and develop under his leadership.

Whilst on the ministry team at Life Ministry Centre, Graham and Kris founded a church plant from LMC called Christian Family Life Centre in Healesville (now known as Liberty Family Church), a vibrant church still operating today.

Graham and Kris have been involved in a broad spectrum of church life including areas such as: Home Group Leaders, Counselling, Pastoral Care, Youth Leadership, Men’s Group, Ladies Group, Prayer Groups, Leading short courses, administration and property development, co-ordinating and organising large conferences and events, Bible College lecturing, ministry both local and overseas, and held positions of Business Manager, and Chaplain of Oxley Christian College in the past.

In 1997, in obedience to a call by God to minister and mentor those in ministry, as well as working hand in hand with Pastor Hal Oxley in A.C.M.I. (a Ministers fellowship represented in many nations across the world, with over 3,000 members), Graham and Kris stepped out from ministry at LMC for 18 months. In August 1998 Graham was called by the Elders of LMC to take on the roles of Senior Pastor of LMC, Chairman of Oxley Christian College, and Chairman of LMC Ltd.

Graham lead the church through some difficult times, and nurtured it back to the thriving and growing community it is today. Graham’s motivation has always been to see people – of all ages – enjoying life to the full, with John 10:10 being a motivating scripture.

Since taking over the Senior Pastor leadership, Oxley Christian College has continued to develop and grow, Oxley Stadium and Oxley Kids were birthed and established as additional divisions to the LMC group. Graham is a mentor to pastors and leaders, co-ordinates a local ministers group, and takes an active role in the Spiritual affairs of our state, as he serves on numerous Not for Profit boards. In 2008, Graham advised and assisted Marita Simpson in the establishment of Amari, a community development organization in Uganda. Amari is a school for local vulnerable and underprivileged children, and is now a thriving mission work serving the community of Buliisa, Uganda. Graham and Kris take teams on short term trips each year to Uganda, to serve Amari and the local community.

Graham and Kris have been married for 43 years and have three married children, all who attended Oxley Christian College. They now have nine grandchildren, who also attend Oxley Kids and Oxley Christian College. All children, together with their families attend and serve God at LMC. Graham, as Senior Pastor, continues to serve God at Life Ministry Centre, as he chairs and oversees all divisions within the LMC Group.

Late 2019, Pastor Graham announced Pastor Andrew Hunt to be our new Lead Pastor of LMC.  After 21 years, Graham continues to serve as the Senior Pastor and Managing Director of Life Ministry Centre.