A message from Andy & Cass
A message from Andy & Cass

In every family there is diversity, individuality and variety and as a Christian family we are no different. It is in this diversity that unity is best displayed, and it is in unity that the nature of the Triune God is most fully expressed. We believe in and rely on the solid Truth of God’s eternal Love for humanity. We believe in God’s total Holiness, Majesty, and Wisdom and we see this best displayed in the Grace, Love and Mercy that Jesus personified.

We enjoy a vibrant and welcoming Children’s ministry, an energetic Youth program, an inclusive LifeGroups ministry, and a gifted worship team that keeps the focus on God alone. Our website will explain the variety of activities and ministry expressions that our church provides, and we hope that you can enjoy these and connect in your own time, way and manner.

Thank you for visiting with us, we are honoured to have you in our company. If we can be of any further assistance, it would be our pleasure to assist you!


Andy & Cass Hunt


Andy Hunt

Lead Pastor

Graham Nelson

Senior Pastor / Managing Director

Skye Bannard


Steph Berry

Worship Pastor

Chris Blacker


Joshua Blacker

Youth Leader

Maddie Bradshaw

Youth Leader

Matt Burt

Youth Pastor

Narelle Daly

Assistant Children's Pastor

Nic De Vincentis

Pastor, Connect & Community

Sam De Vincentis

Jellybeans Playgroup

Dan Gaschk

Pastor - LifeGroups & Young Adults

Lauren Gaschk

Young Adults

Peter Harris

Children's Pastor

Cass Hunt

Women's Ministry

Kris Nelson

Payroll / Accounts

Anna Radford


Liam Wilson-Gardner

Leader - Children's Department


Life Ministry Centre is run by an Eldership. The purpose of the Eldership is to oversee the well-being, proper functioning, spiritual oversight and direction of the church community. Each elder is carefully selected according to the Biblical criteria laid out in 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9. New elders are selected by the current Eldership Group. The Senior Pastor acts also as Chairman of the Elders.

Graham Nelson

Senior Pastor/Chairman of the Elders

Andy Hunt

Aaron De Vincentis

Allan Nelson

Matt Daly

Michael Carpenter

Peter Harris