Kids Domain


We love our kids’ ministry and we are so passionate about enriching kids’ lives through the love of God! It is a blessing to serve families in our community and we’re thrilled with the opportunity we have to share the love of Jesus to all children that come and enjoy our wide range of activities.

Sundays at Kids Domain

While ‘big church’ is on, the kids too can worship and learn about God!

If you're brand new, you can make checking in for the first time quick and easy by filling out the form below.

(1-3 year olds)

For littlies who can walk, up to 3 years old. Lots of playdough, sand, blocks, balls, puzzles, stories and cuddles galore. Our creche is a safe place for young children to play and begin to learn social skills. They learn in a gentle way that God made them and loves them.

(3YO - Prep)

We learn about God in ways we can understand, mixing it all with fun, food and frivolity!

(Grades 1 - 6)

An energy-packed program to give these kids a great understanding of who God made them to be and how to live for Him.

Kidz Roar
(Grade 1 & 2)

Meeting most Friday afternoons during the school term, from 4:00pm to 5:45pm. Meets at the Oxley Stadium.

Roar Energy
(Grades 3-6)

Meeting most Friday afternoons during the school term, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Meets in the Oxley Stadium.

(Grade 6 only)

Meeting 7:00pm – 9:00pm every second Friday night during the school term, in the Oxley Stadium

For the safety of your child, every child must have a submitted medical form if they plan on attending the Kids Domain Program.
*Please Note: A new medical form needs to be submitted at the beginning of each year, or as changes occur.

Fill Out Medical Form Here

For those attending our Friday night program, we have a bus that runs from Chirnside Park Primary School and Bimbadeen Heights Primary School, at no charge! You will have the option to sign up for the bus when filling out the medical form.


A fun-filled home group for children in Grades 5-6, for those who want to learn more about God and experience more of Him in their lives. CADs runs every second week during the school term on a Wednesday and Thursday, from 5pm-7.30pm with dinner provided!

Please contact Peter Harris for more information.


We run a semi-structured program with free play time, craft activity time (sometimes Mum or Dad can help too), eating a healthy snack, and story or singing time. Playgroup is a fun way for children to learn to mix with others in a safe and friendly environment. Playdough, paint, puzzles, pictures and pretend all help to make playgroup precisely what your child enjoys. For the parents, it’s a time to build friendships and enjoy their children without other distractions.
It’s great to be able to relax with other parents. A fun way for children to learn to mix with others in a safe and friendly environment.

Jellybeans Playgroup is run on weekdays from 9:30am to 11.30am. However, as some of the playgroups are already full, it is necessary to contact Narelle Daly on 9726 8111 to organise which playgroup to join.

Jellybeans Playgroup is held in the Green Room of Oxley Kids run by Life Ministry Church.

How can I sign my child up for an awesome day on Sunday?

Easily. Simply come along to a Sunday Kids Service at Oxley Kids! Check in your child from 9.40am and then leave them in our safe care! All children will need to be picked up from Oxley Stadium after the LMC Sunday Service no later than 12pm.

If you’re brand new, you can make checking in for the first time quick and easy by filling out the form below

Pre-register for Kids Domain


What do I do if my child would like to stay in 'big church'?

If your child would like to stay in ‘Big Church’, that is okay! The Créche is available for 1-3 year olds (located behind the stage). Please note that the Cry Room is a quiet room for parents and children under one only, and the Mother’s Room for feeding mother’s only.

How do I sign up my child for Kidz Roar / Roar Energy?

All you need to do is …

Fill out an updated Medical Form (one per child) before your child arrives at Kids Domain. You can find the form in the link above.

A “Walking Bus” is available for children in Kidz Roar from Oxley College every Friday Night. They need to meet on the artificial grass in front of the Lower Primary building. The “Bus” will leave at 3.45pm with a supervising parent or teacher.

We run a bus service to Kidz Roar / Roar Energy from Chirnside Park Primary and Bimbadeen Heights Primary. You must fill out a bus permission form prior to Friday night.  You can do so via the medical form above.

Payment can be made at sign-in or sign-out.

Please see below for information on arranging another adult other than a parent to sign out your child.

Uproar Grade 6’s can stay at Oxley Stadium in-between Roar Energy finishing and Uproar beginning. They can order food from the Kiosk at 6pm or arrange their own dinner (if not provided in Uproar).

Why do you run the Friday night program?

Our aim at Kids Domain Friday Nights is to provide a fun-filled safe environment for all children!

Do you provide snacks?

Yes, we provide a afternoon tea for the kids prior to beginning our programs. This involves fruit and biscuits. We do not provide food containing nuts to any children. If your child has special dietary needs, please feel free to pack a snack for them. Any food from home will not be shared. The Refill Café at the Stadium is open for coffee, snacks, icy poles, etc at the following times:
3:30pm-4:40pm For kids & Leaders
6:00pm Dinner can be ordered and picked up at this time.

How do you handle children who misbehave?

We have some rules that children need to adhere to.
R – Respect everyone and everything.
O – Obey leaders at ALL times
A – Active participation
R – Relax and have FUN!
We have a behaviour plan that will be enacted if need be:
Step 1 – Warning; Step 2 – Chill Zone; Step 3 – Chat with parents; Step 4 – Miss Kidz Roar / Roar Energy for a given amount of time.
No Bullying: If your child feels they are being bullied, encourage them to speak to their group leader as soon as it happens so that the situation can be dealt with straight away.

Are your leaders nice people?

Of course, they are all awesome! All our leaders (who are 18+) have Working With Children Checks and are dedicated to creating fun, safe and godly environments for your kids.

If my child doesn't want to attend an excursion, can they still attend the regular Friday program?

If your child decides to not attend the excursion, they are not permitted to attend Friday night with the other group. There will be no appropriate program for them, and we will not have enough leaders to supervise them.

How do I organise my child to catch the LMC bus to Kids Domain?

We run a bus schedule that picks kids up from two local schools on a Friday afternoon. *Note: A new bus permission form needs to be submitted at the beginning of each year for every child.  You can do so via the medical form above.

Can I organise another adult to sign out my child?

All children need to be signed out by an adult when collected. If a parent is not collecting your child, please let us know who will be and ask them to bring some identification with them, so that we can ensure the safety of your children.

Does my child have to bring a change of clothes?

They don’t have to. But keep an eye on the activities we have planned each week. Particularly in the warmer months we usually play water games that will require a change of clothes.

Valuable Items

If your child has valuables or money, they can be handed in at the sign in desk for safe keeping and be retrieved at the end of the night. We do not take any responsibility for items that children leave in their bags or pockets. If you need to claim lost property, please contact the LMC Office – 9726 8111.

Sun Hats & Footwear

Sun hats should be sent with your child during Terms 1 and 4, and sunscreen should be applied before they arrive. We can provide sunscreen but the children will need to apply it themselves. We are not permitted to apply sunscreen and cannot force children to wear it. While children are using the Stadium, they need to wear runners or socks. No street shoes or school shoes are allowed on the basketball courts.

Peter Harris

Children's Pastor

Narelle Daly

Assistant Children's Pastor

Liam Wilson-Gardner

Leader - Children's Department